Sai Medical Centre

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Sai Medical Centre

Welcome to The Sai Medical Centre...

Sai Medical Practice was started in 1987 by Dr Patel. It originally started in a small location on Dock Road. As the practice expanded Dr Patel started training junior Doctors and started conducting minor surgeries. The original premises was too small thus the practice moved to Calcutta Road in 1994 where it is today. Dr Patel retired from the practice in 2014 and was succeeded by two new doctors, Dr V Bhat (male) and Dr N Jagadish (female).




Practice Leaflet:

All new patients will receive a copy of our practice leaflet and copies will be displayed at the reception desk.


Surgery Premises:

Our surgery building is welcoming, easy for patients to find their way around and appropriate to the needs of users, including the disabled.


Patients' rights to General Medical Services:

Patients have the rights to:

be registered with a General Practitioner

change doctor if desired

be offered a health check on joining the practice

receive appropriate drugs and medicines based on clinical needs

be referred for specialist or second opinion if they and the GP agrees


Home Visits:

The practice policy for home visits is explained in the practice leaflet.


Out of Hours Emergencies:

OUT OF HOURS are Provided by NHS 111 from 6.30pm to 8am  Monday to Friday weekends and all public holidays


GP & Nursing Hub:

We are able to offer both GP and Nurse late evening appointments Monday to Friday (7pm - 9pm) and weekend appointments (9am - 12pm) via the GP & Nurse hub service in the surgery. Please call reception if you wish to book into this service.


Comments, Suggestions & Complaints:

The Practice Manager is responsible for handling comments, suggestions and complaints about any service provided by the practice.

All constructive comments and suggestions will be considered by the practice

All complaints will be recorded, and written complaints will be acknowledged within two days of receipt.   We will try and respond to all complaints within 28 working days if this is not possible, then the complainant would be updated with the progress on a regular basis. Where a complaint is made about a doctor, the patient will be able to discuss this with the another doctor in the practice, if preferred


Changes to Procedures:

When changes are introduced to practice procedures that affect patients, we will ensure that these are clearly explained, by means of its brochure; waiting room noticeboard or individual leaflets.


Repeat Prescriptions:

The procedure for obtaining repeat prescriptions will be explained in our Practice Leaflet.



Urgent referrals to other health and social care agencies will be made within one working day of the patient consultation

We will normally process non-urgent referrals within five working days of the patient consultation or the doctor's decision to refer.


Test Results:

When the practice requests investigations such as blood, urine, x-ray or ultrasound scan it is the responsibility of the patient to contact the surgery to receive the test results. Please call after 2pm and allow 5 working days for blood and urine and allow approximately 14 days for x-ray, ultrasound or any other.


Privacy and Confidentiality:

We will respect our patients' privacy and confidentiality at all times.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
We are fully GDPR compliant and protect all medical records with the utmost highest security available to us in the NHS. Please contact reception if you require any further information on this.

Accessing Medical Records:

The Practice Manager will assist any patient wishing to have access to his or her own medical record, subject to the relevant Acts.

The patient's doctor will be available to explain medical terminology within the legal timescales.


Please ask at reception for appropriate forms



With a Doctor: Pre bookable appointments are available up to 1 week ahead. Further appointments become available on the day.

With a Practice Nurse: Pre bookable appointments are available up to 1 week ahead.


Home Visits:

The practice policy for home visits is explained in the practice leaflet.


Minor Injury Unit:  Minor injury unit is open from 8am to 10pm everyday including holidays to deal with falls, trips, cuts, etc.



Out of Hours Emergencies:

OUT OF HOURS are provided by NHS 111 from 6.30pm to 8am Monday to Friday weekends and all public holidays


Courtesy to the staff at all times - remember they are working under doctors' orders.

To attend appointments on time or give the practice adequate notice that they wish to cancel.   Someone else could use your appointment!

An appointment is for one person only. Where another member of the family needs to be seen or discussed another appointment should be made.

Patients should make every effort when consulting the surgery to make best use of nursing and medical time - home visits should be medically justifiable and not requested for social convenience.

A & E attendances should only be For Real emergencies and not minor ailments.


Please use the Minor Injury Unit which is open every day including holidays to deal with minor injuries and ailments.



The appointment line is open from 8am Monday to Friday with appointments bookable up to 1 week in advance. Please see practice leaflet for times and further details.